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Emergency Car KitBuy Car Emergency Kits and Other Emergency Supplies from Life472

Life472 Essentials understands the importance of roadside emergency preparedness and that's why we designed a specialized emergency car kit for drivers across Canada. Canadians often spend hours a day in their vehicle whether they are commuting to work or school, running errands, or travelling. This is where you may find yourself when the next disaster strikes, and you can prepare for that moment with a car emergency kit that you can conveniently leave in the trunk.

Car Emergency KitContents of an Emergency Kit for Car Trouble or Disasters

When you buy an emergency road kit or any type of emergency bag, it should include the following:

  • A list of emergency contacts
  • A method of communication
  • Emergency water supply
  • Emergency food such as freeze dried food
  • Special emergency supplies for children and pets
  • Cash
  • A source of warmth such as a blanket
  • Personal belongings such as medicine
  • Emergency tools
  • Copies of your important keys
  • Photocopies of identification cards and insurance
  • Records of your possessions

What Are Emergency Car Kits? Roadside Emergency Preparedness

A road emergency kit can be your saviour not only for when your car breaks down in the middle of the highway during a road trip, but also for major disasters such as earthquakes. You just never know when the next disaster will strike and you may be in your vehicle when it happens. With a roadside emergency kit, you ensure that you are prepared with emergency essentials for 72 hours so that you can focus on your survival.

Emergency Car KitsAn Emergency Car Kit for Winter Road Conditions

The Canadian winter can be an especially risky season for drivers because of the likelihood of natural yet extreme weather conditions such as black ice, blizzards and heavy snow. Emergency car kits will have all that you need in case you get stuck or find yourself in an accident that requires you to brave the cold weather for an extended period of time in your vehicle until you can get help.

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