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Hikers Survival Buddy

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Life472 Hikers Survival Buddy
: 001-3
The Life472 Hikers Survival Buddy
provides Food, Water and supplies
for 24 hours and includes:

          • 2 x 400 Calorie Food Bar*
          • 2 x 125 ml Foil Packs of Emergency Water*
          • Solar Emergency Blanket
          • DELUXE Rain Poncho
          • Flashlight - mini - hand crank
          • Light Stick
          • Emergency Survival Horn
          • Compass and Mirror
          • Folding Knife
          • FlameStick
          • Flint Striker
          • Candle
          • Waterproof Matches (box of 40)
          • Water Purification Tablets
          • Kleenex
          • Packed in a waterproof pouch

*Food and Water is shipped with a 4 to 5 year shelf life

The Hikers Survival Buddy can help you stay alive if you are lost in the great outdoors. Always take survival supplies with you when hiking and always tell someone where you are going and when you will be back. Hike Safely!

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