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Emergency Supplies72-Hour Disaster Supplies: Emergency Preparedness for Everyone

Whether it's a landslide or an earthquake, the next disaster could be just around the corner and when it happens, you will have limited time to react. With a complete set of emergency supplies, you can focus your strength and planning on ensuring the survival and safety of yourself and those around you. An emergency pack saves you energy and time because emergency packs contain food, water and emergency disaster supplies needed to survive for 72 hours, a critical period after a disaster.

Emergency Supplies for Any Type of Disaster

Millions are affected by natural disasters every year whether you live in a developed or developing country. What often sets the survivors apart is their ability to effectively handle and respond to these kinds of emergency situations, which is the essence of emergency preparedness. An emergency situation could be a simple event such as an unpredictable power outage or your car breaking down in the middle of the road. Emergency packs for your home or car would come in handy in these situations with an emergency food supply, tools and more.

Emergency PacksThe Best Place to Buy Emergency Products

Life472 Essentials is a family-owned business that sells affordable and high quality disaster emergency supplies and emergency gear for your car, home, office, school or anywhere an emergency pack could help you better manage a disaster. An emergency situation is unpredictable and you could be anywhere when the next one hits, so it's best to have emergency gear readily available wherever you spend the most time.

Buy emergency packs, emergency food supplies and more from Life472:

Emergency Disaster SuppliesHighly Useful Emergency Disaster Supplies

These are the typical contents of an emergency pack (although this list may vary depending on the purpose and location of the disaster emergency supplies):

  • Emergency gear, such as a utility knife
  • Limited personal belongings, such as medicine
  • Copies of your keys
  • Emergency food supply, preferably freeze dried food to last longer
  • Emergency water or hydration method
  • Emergency supplies for kids, infants and pets
  • A source of warmth
  • Records of your possessions
  • Photocopies of IDs and insurance
  • Money
  • Shelter
  • Communication methods and emergency contact information

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