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Emergency Preparedness KitWhy You Need an Emergency Preparedness Kit

You never know when the next natural disaster will happen. Whether it's a landslide or an earthquake, you will have limited time to react in order to ensure the safety and survival of yourself and others. A disaster emergency kit saves you time and energy because emergency kits contain food, water and supplies needed to survive for 72 hours, a critical period after a disaster as you establish next steps for survival. When you have all the basic necessities, you can focus your strength and planning on the well being of yourself and those around you.

Emergency Kits and Supplies Wherever You Are

Every year, millions of people around the world are affected by natural disasters. Your ability to effectively respond to and handle these kinds of emergency situations is what emergency preparedness is all about. An emergency situation could be as minor as an unpredictable power outage or your car breaking down in the middle of the freeway. If you had a car emergency kit stored in your vehicle, you wouldn't have to worry about you and your passengers' needs as you figure out a way to fix the car or get everyone to safety.

Emergency Car KitWhere to Buy an Emergency Supplies Kit

Life472 Essentials sells affordable and high quality emergency preparedness kits for your home, school, office, car or anywhere an emergency kit bag could help you anticipate and better manage any kind of disaster. There's no way to know where you'll be during an unexpected emergency, so it would be ideal to have an emergency disaster kit wherever you spend time.

Buy emergency disaster kits from Life472's online emergency supplies kits store:

Car Emergency KitDisaster Emergency Kits Are Jam Packed with Useful Supplies

Any emergency survival kit should include the following contents:

  • Limited personal belongings, such as medicine
  • Emergency food, preferably freeze dried to last longer
  • Emergency water
  • A source of warmth
  • Copies of your keys
  • Records of your possessions
  • Emergency tools, such as a utility knife
  • Shelter
  • Money
  • Communication methods and emergency contact information
  • Photocopies of IDs and insurance
  • Emergency kit supplies for kids, infants and pets

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