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Bug Out Bags for SaleBug Out Bag Essentials for Emergency Preparedness

Committed to making emergency preparedness easy for and accessible to all Canadians, Life472 Essentials offers the best bug out bags for any living space including specialized bug out packs for your car, school, home and office. The first step to emergency preparedness is ensuring that a well-stocked bug out bag kit with all basic supplies for survival is readily available for when disaster strikes. Advanced planning and anticipation prepare you for managing any kind of emergency at any moment in time, so you can best take care of yourself and your loved ones.

A typical bug out bag for sale of high quality should include the following supplies:

  • Blanket
  • Money
  • Emergency or freeze dried food
  • Emergency water
  • Shelter
  • Emergency contact information and communication methods
  • Some personal belongings, such as medicine
  • Photocopies of insurance and identification
  • Records of your possessions
  • Emergency tools
  • Duplicates of your keys
  • Specialized emergency supplies for infants, children and pets

Bug Out BackpacksThe Best Bug Out Bag is One That Is Sturdy, Portable and Thorough

The Canadian government and Red Cross recommend that emergency kits have bug out bag supplies to last you for at least 72 hours, a critical period in an emergency situation such as an earthquake or landslide. The items in your bag or backpack will play a major role in allowing you to calmly respond to an emergency, knowing that your basic needs are covered for a few days. If you have a family, there are bug out bags for sale for each family member to ease your mind about their well-being in case of a disaster.

What Are Bug Out Backpacks and Why Do You Need One?

In an unpredictable disaster such as an extended power outage or tsunami, there is chaos as people often panic trying to ensure the survival and safety of themselves and their loved ones. A bug out bag kit is filled with items for emergency preparedness, saving you the time and energy of participating in the chaos. Instead, the best bug out bags are those that cover your basic need for security so that you can focus on keeping everyone alive and safe beyond the 72-hour critical period.

Best Bug Out BagBug Out Bags for Sale from Life472 Essentials

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