Life472 Emergency Preparedness Essentials

We are a family run business located in beautiful Mission, British Columbia providing Emergency Preparedness Essentials and Kits to all Canadians.

We wanted to ensure that we would be able to take care of our family if an emergency ever happened. We knew that if a major disaster occurred, there would be no stores open, no banks open, and no gasoline available. We wanted to know that we would be able to feed and protect our children for a very long period of time. We did not want to experience the sense of panic and despair that the victims of Katrina felt when there was no food nor water available.

Most of our friends and family knew that they should be prepared but they weren't. They thought that they would get a kit one day at a store but never got around to it. We wanted to make it easy for them. We wanted them to experience the peace of mind that we had knowing that we were prepared. The government states that you should be prepared for 72 hours but we feel that you should really be prepared for much longer than that.

We also found that most Emergency Preparedness Kits came from the United States in which shipping and customs/duty was extremely costly. We decided that we needed to source out the best products available and make it easy to purchase and receive in Canada. We are continually looking for more products to offer. If there is something that you would like us to sell, please let us know.

We can be reached at 604-302-5005, toll free at 1-855-302-5005.

Our Vision

Life472 Essentials Vision is for everyone everywhere to have Emergency Preparedness Kits and supplies readily available for when natural or man made disasters happen so that they are self reliant and can survive for at least 72 hours without assistance from first responders.

Our Mission

Life472 Essentials Mission is to offer affordable Emergency Preparedness Kits and supplies and to increase the awareness of everyone's responsibility to themselves and their community to be self reliant for at least 72 hours after a natural or man made disaster occurs.

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