Is Your Family Ready for an Emergency (or Mother Nature)?

Posted by The Pampered Baby on 11/8/2014
Posted by guest blogger Katherine Petrunia of the Pampered Baby. 

Living in Vancouver, we get a lot of rain. We learn to live with it for 8- 9 months out of the year and celebrate the sun. If you're from around here, you know that lately we've had some pretty heavy- duty wind & rain that have caused some areas a lot of challenges. Some families were recently forced from their homes in North Vancouver from flooding and mudslides resulting from torrential rain. Not good.

Finally Back to School!

Posted by Nancy Bartlett on 9/21/2014
Kid's are finally back to school in BC! Does your child need an Emergency Kit for school. Listen about putting bottled water in your child's kit. Purchase a Kid's School Buddy today and say goodbye to bottled water! (And having to make a new kit every year!)

Camping Emergency Kits

Posted by Kevin472 on 6/13/2014
Camping Emergency Kits
It's camping season! Here's where you can get the emergency essentials from the people that specialize in emergency preparation. These include items such as They include items such as high calorie food bars, battery-free flashlights, light sticks, waterproof matches, first aid kits, and more.

Is Emergency Preparedness about Zombies?

Posted by Nancy Bartlett on 6/4/2014
Is Emergency Preparedness about Zombies?
What is Emergency Preparedness about anyways? Is it about Zombies?

Win an Earthquake Preparedness Guide

Posted by on 2/12/2014

Win a copy of Jackie Kloosterboer's book, My Earthquake Preparedness Guide, the perfect step-by-step guide to become prepared or be better prepared for the next disaster. Jackie is an emergency planning specialist and the Coordinator of the City of Vancouver’s Public Education Program with over 15 years of experience in emergency preparedness. You can also purchase Jackie's book in our online store.