SOS Emergency Drinking Water - Case of 96

SOS Emergency Drinking Water - Case of 96

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SOS foil pack of Emergency Drinking Water - Case of 96

Each foil pack contains 125 ml of lifesaving purified water for use in emergency and rationed survival situations. These safe and convenient pre-measured 125 ml foil packs are easy to dispense and easy to store. Unlike bottled water which must be rotated and replaced every 6 months, these water packs are manufactured with a 5 year shelf life.SOS emergency water packs can withstand temperatures ranging from -40° F to 230° F. Can be frozen without any adverse effects, and it can also be used as cold compress. US Coast Guard and Transport Canada approved.

*Water is shipped with a 4 to 5 year shelf life

Remember to have an Emergency Preparedness Kit in your Home, Office, School, and Vehicle.

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