Family Emergency Preparedness

No one can predict when a large-scale emergency will take place or which homes will be affected more than others. So it’s important to protect your home and family sooner rather than later.
  • Provide strong support and flexible connections on gas appliances
  • A gas shut off tool or the appropriate sized wrench should be in a specific place in case the gas needs to be shut off. It should only be turned off if absolutely necessary as only a skilled technician can turn it back on.
  • Make sure that everyone has a flashlight and sturdy shoes near the bed
  • Change the placement of furniture and household items to make your home environment safer, for example:
    • Don’t place beds under windows or heavy objects over beds.
    • Keep exit routes clear.
    • Move heavy items to lower shelves or drawers.
    • Remove or isolate flammable materials.
  • Install clips, latches or other locking devices on cabinet doors
  • Secure items that could fall and cause damage or injury during a disaster, such as:
    • The water heater
    • The refrigerator
    • Book shelves
    • Any other tall and heavy furniture