Emergency Sanitation

Emerg Sanitation
Emergency Sanitation is also often overlooked when it comes to preparing for emergencies. Hurricane Katrina was a good example of what can really go wrong when dealing with a large number of people without proper sanitation.

Ensure that you are prepared in this aspect as dealing with this will help everyone's comfort level and help them to feel as "normal" as possible.

Honey Buckets
, which are portable toilets are available as well as items that can assist with sanitation in your home or office if toilets are not working.

Washing and being clean can also help in feeling better following an emergency. View Emergency Hygiene to see our Clean472 soap which is a 4-in-1 shampoo, conditioner, body soap, and laundry soap.

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Honey Bucket / Port-a-Potty
Bio-Gel Waste Gelation
Double Doodie Plus Waste Bags
Quick Dry Towel - large
Quick Dry Towel - small